The Australian Shop was created as the first Aboriginal art-center in the Benelux. It's primary target was and is to revalue the Aboriginal culture, and to make it known to the European art-lovers.

We fell in love with this culture almost 25 years ago, during a roundtrip through the Australian outback. We met with a lot of Aboriginal artists, and were deeply impressed with their insight, authenticity and power of expression.

So we bought back some pieces of art.

Back home, these artworks were almost ripped from our hands by other art-lovers, so we decided to set up an Aboriginal Art Center in Gent.


Along with the artworks, you find a splendid collection of boomerangs (both traditional and modern), bush telephones, clap sticks, etc... And of course a vast gamma of didgeridoos in all styles.

If you want to learn to play the didge, you can even take a course, along with some fellow-enthousiasts. It's the best way of meeting other European amateurs of the fine Aboriginal culture, and to share your views with them.