he boomerang is the symbol of Australia. Aboriginees us the boomerang since thousands of years, for all kinds of activities. Nowadays, boomerangs are also used as a form of sport, and there is even a world competition in boomerang throwing.

Aboriginal boomerangs are mostly made of Mulga-wood. Depending on the type, they are used for hunting, digging up food, chopping food, in a recreational way, and in holy and ritual ceremonies.

Each use has it's own form, and certainly not all boomerangs come flying back when you throw them. Hunting boomerangs for instance, which are much larger than others, and do not have a symetrical form, are thrown to crack the skull of the prey, and once the prey is hit, the boomerang drops dead.

The kind that speaks most to the mind of course, is the symetrical one, that, once thrown, makes a curve in the air and comes back to the thrower. If at least he knows how to throw correctly.