1° workshop beginners. Basisprincipes, basisdrone, variaties op tonen + stem gebruik,...


beginners cursus (eenvoudige ritmes + basisdrone + variaties + voorbereiding circulaire ademhaling )
start om 15.00 u tot +/- 17.00 u
kostprijs : 22,00 euro
(breng een vriend(in) mee en bespaar 2,00 euro op jouw workshop!!)

All above mentionned workshops are in GENT.


Always on a saturday afternoon, beginners at 15.00h sharp.

Bring a friend and save 2 € on your workshop.


Mageleinstraat 48 – 9000 GENT en Kapellestraat 90 – 9870 ZULTE

Number of participants:

per lesson, 10 to 12 participants maximum

Advanced players:

This course consists of a series of 8 lessons, each lesson handles a special point of interest, deepened by specific themes connected to the main theme. The emphasis is not only on technique, but also on the esotherical side of the instrument.

1.Basic drone
2.Refinement of the basic drone + circular breathing through jaw and tongue
3.Use of the voice + breathing excercises
4.Pursued rythms
5.Traditional rythms
7.Magic and rituals

Price: 25 € / pp

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