Dot Art is the best-known style in Aboriginal Art. It evolved in the desert area: the Western Desert in Central Australia.

It's origin lies in the sandmosaics and the bodypainting.

For a sandmosaic, the ground is completely clearded. Every bit of dirt or plant is taken away by hand, over a very large area.

The mosaic itself is formed by kneading animal and plantparts together with water. On canvas (as the modern painters use), this proces is rendered by the dots.
Most of the paintings relate the story of the travelling thhrough the dreamtime of the forefathers, and their resting places (Possum Dreaming, M. Nelson)?

Others present the totem of the painter (Jaxon: Bush berry), of the homeland (E. Kame, Joyce), and corroborees (ceremonial gatherings) of men (Lindsay Bird) and woman (Ada Bird. Men and women are never represented together in one painting.

The painting is often in bird's perspective, as seen from right above. Besides the traditional ocre colors (earth colors), modern colors are used nowadays (Lindsay and Ada Bird)

In these paintings, symbols are used. Whevever the Aboriginees, who knew no writing, wanted to pass on their stories and knowledge to other members of their tribe, they illustrated their narration by drawing symbols in the sand. These symbols can still be found on the modern canvas paintings.

Here are some of these symbols, with their meaning :